about me

who am i?

last updated on 30/08/2023


i am a guy [he/him] online who makes music, art and stuff. i have an interest for args, aesthetics, creepy stuff, computers, old and retro goods, music, dancing, obscure stuff, editing and more.


i love photoshopping and making artwork from images, producing music in daw software, dipping my toes in web design and development, video gaming, and in-real-life exploration; abandoned buildings, old pathways; everything a city--an environment has to offer, either natural or built.

in depth about my music taste

my favourite genres are:
alternative rock, shoegaze, grungegaze, digicore, glitchcore, hyperpop, dariacore, breakbeat, jungle, atmospheric drum and bass, breakcore, terrorcore, hardstyle, gabber, scenecore, sigilkore.

my favourite artists (or music projects; i dont know anymore) are:
100 gecs, slowdive, loathe, salvia palth, whirr, deftones, fleshwater, sign crushes motorist, aphex twin, radiohead, quannnic, my bloody valentine, sematary, drain gang, thayerperiod, $uicideboy$, takahiro(FKS), yabujin, axxturel, osquinn, jane remover, twikipedia, theoktonos, chris††† and his side project, father2006.

you can always go to my last.fm to see more about my music taste
by the way, clicking on any of these genres or names will open a playlist with songs that i like from that genre. or the profile from that name you clicked!! (spotify, soundcloud, personal sites)

the website

i made this website after being inspired by yesterweb, and from the need of wanting to put more of my stuff out on the net. this site is an index of anything i've put out and want to put out on the internet publicly; and it also serves as an archive for my artwork, such as what i post on instagram, and for my music.
this website in another way serves as a way to advertise small artists, bands, musicians & creators that i really like and would love to see get more known.

some disclaimers

if you feel more of stalking this site than dming me to ask if you want to use my music or any of my work in any of your content, i have no problem as long as credit is given, either linking this website, or just naming the track/whatever that you've used.