website redesign things

i've been thinking of redesigning this website to something more professional. it may look nice and clean in my opinion, but it's lacking a personal feel.
this is the first site i've ever built, i am super proud of it but at the same time i'm super bored of it.

posted on 20/03/2023

welcome to my site!

this site's main goal is a place for me to upload my stuff for easy access, not only for me but for anyone who wanna check out my stuff :DD
feel free to explore the website to your heart's content
if you're gonna listen to my most recent track through that soundcloud embed, it will probably be loud ://

windows vista with discord open in a screen-share call, regnad logo is on top of everything

my most recent music release

rgndxzzk - tears

rgndxzzk - do not resuscitate

my most recent instagram post

"simulation" posted march 19th 2023, contains 2 more pictures

featured thing of the week

essentia - erosion

you've reached the end

--- hotline webring ---

--- retronaut webring ---

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