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website's notice history as of 19/02/2023


note 26/03/2023 - website redesign tingz

i've been thinking of redesigning this website to something more professional. it may look nice and clean in my opinion, but it's lacking a personal feel.
this is the first site i've ever built, i am super proud of it but at the same time i'm super bored of it.

[soundcloud embed] | featured thing of the week 12/03/2023 - 20/03/2023 | essentia - erosion

essentia - erosion

note 20/03/2023 - i feel like improving

lately, ive been in a very garbage mental state, especially since i got sick like some time ago for almost 2 months, which has impacted me a lot. i did something that; while not harmful for me right now, if i keep doing it i will develop problems.
this is a huge mistake i've done, and i've decided to start setting goals for myself. instead of waking up and saying "another depressing day", i will be saying "what should i do today?" and making a big to do list and my main goal being that i complete that to do list.
i've tried a lot of stuff that have been told to me by educators, friends, family, therapists.. nothing has worked. maybe this will work? i'm not giving up yet.
my current huge goals is trying out nofap and resolving my skin biting/eating problem.

note 13/03/2023 - songz

ive released a new song; more to come :3333

[soundcloud embed] | featured thing of the week 12/03/2023 - 20/03/2023 | purelvndr - knowshit

purelvndr - know shit

note 07/03/2023 - song wip

heres the preview :33

note 25/02/2023 - mood difficulties ://

lately ive been feeling really under the weather. its all starting to go dark for me. i feel like everyone and everything just hates me. why though?
on another note, my mix for has been cancelled cause its community hates me because i make them uncomfortable.
-------- vent warning --------
fuck most of the blisscord members cause they like to pretend that they're sensitive people. i fucking hate you spoiled people who have literally nothing to be sad about and pretend that yall are sensitive to shit no one else would be. yall are so fucking middle class to the point that yall wanna look so different that then you put xe/xir or some shit in your bio. yall make me disgusted for myself for being lgbt.

[youtube embed] | featured thing of the week 25/02/2023 - 07/03/2023 | cade parker - SW1 [album]

cade parker - SW1

update 19/02/2023 - code cleanup part 1

i renamed a lot of stuff in the css code, and i started using more elements other than div, also ive changed the featured thing of every 3 days to be every week cuz it's kinda tiring to add different stuff every 3 days, also (again) i added alt text and titles to images for more accessibility.
next thing i'll be changing is organizing the css code and changing up the code more so the site loads faster and looks better. love u all

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