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letter A

🇺🇸 axxturel

found on shoutbox

letter F

🇬🇷 4HE (4 Hip-Hop Elements)

tape vol.1 & 2, last tape, vibes, etc.

letter G

🇬🇷 glacey


letter L

🇺🇸 leroy

dariacore 1 to 4 +bonus tracks

letter Q

🇺🇸 quinn

metadata might contain name p4rkr

letter R

🇬🇷 Rap Texnasma / Ραπ Τέχνασμα

mediafire link for Rap Texnasma Vol.1 in flac

letter T

🇬🇷 theoktonos

algos, antiart, and singles

letter S

🇦🇺 sewerslvt, sadboy sheldon

jvne archive 2.0

letter Y

🇱🇹 YABUJIN & side-projects

yabujin, yabhiel, dj gyrotta zao, flash genies, lamianaga, evil52guard, feb wish [...]


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